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Dr. O’Blivion Search Update

Hello again, DS 106.

I’ve had some time to review and ponder the events of the previous days, and I would like to take some time to respond to some of the inflammatory statements made against my person in some comments on previous postings and provide an update on how the search is progressing.

To preface, some new clues have turned up that are relevant to the search.  As Dr. Barnaby O’Blivion posted on his blog, and as I reposted, I was sent a bizarre image of my cousin Bianca a few days ago; the image, along with items suggesting a possible romantic relationship, are cryptic but point to the late Jesse Ward (Mr. Fixer) as having a definite hand in the disappearance of my uncle.

The two items suggesting a romantic relationship were a ring with the inscription “Love forever, BO,” bifocal glasses, and a pendant with the following inscription: “I’m your sexy fox.”

With utmost respect to my dear uncle, I cannot say with any confidence that the “sexy fox” referred to in the pendant is my uncle, this man:

In fact, quite the contrary, the “sexy fox” is none other than my cousin, Bianca O’Blivion.  As much as I frown upon it, Bianca has earned that title from her suitors for her occasional promiscuity, good looks, and most importantly, the color and style of her elaborately-kept hair.

As much as I hate to say it, I believe that Bianca may be involved.  It is clear from watching any of the past week’s lectures that Bianca’s behavior is out of the ordinary, and this evidence she may have been involved romantically with Mr. Fixer, who had been watching me for some time before my uncle’s mysterious disappearance.  I may have an opportunity to talk to Bianca this week to find out if she does have any involvement.  I hope this is not the case.

I will interlude briefly to thank Dr. Barnaby O’Blivion for posting these important and valuable discoveries.  Barnaby has truly been an asset in finding my missing uncle.

Now, to respond to some comments left on my posts over the course of the past several days:

Mr. Groom and Joseph Fehrman both posted responses which seemed to suggest that I am suspect in the disappearance of my uncle.  I understand that being in the O’Blivion family may automatically make me suspect to involvement in the Dr.’s disappearance, but I have turned to you, the entire DS 106 community, for help in this matter, and I have yet to see the “things that have come to light” that may implicate me in this, as Mr. Groom has asserted.  I will have an opportunity to meet with Mr. Groom this week and look forward to…convincing him that I am not involved.  I will admit that Mr. Groom has done an admirable job in managing the complex needs of the DS 106 community in my uncle’s unfortunate absence.

It’s interesting that the only person in this unfolding story who is not posting to a blog, who is not coming to the community for help, and who is not responding to any requests for comment is Bianca O’Blivion.

We will see where this takes us.


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Down the Rabbit Hole

Good morning, DS 106.

Yesterday, I received an interesting message from Dr. Barnaby O’Blivion, who, as we know, is merely “a” Dr. O’Blivion with a penchant for easy-to-decipher sudoku puzzles.

Barnaby sent me an email with an image of my cousin, Bianca O’Blivion, inside.  Apparently the image was found by the police in the late Mr. Fixer’s wallet.  I have been suspicious of my cousin’s behavior for some time now, but nonetheless am concerned for her safety.  Here is a copy of the image:

At this point, I do not know what this means, and the details of Dr. O’Blivion’s disappearance are becoming more and more muddled.  We seem to have left the physical and may truly be entering the Videodrome, and if so, God help us.

With no news coming from O’Blivion last night, I am growing more concerned.  I will make one thing absolutely clear: Mr. Groom has attested that I am responsible for the disappearance of my uncle.  This, my friends, is an absolutely ludicrous and warrantless accusation.  I have shown nothing but the utmost concern for the missing Doctor, and Groom is clearly looking to place his guilt onto a member of the O’Blivion family.

In fact, I have offered to Mr. Groom to appear on DS 106 TV next week to clear up any accusations of my wrongdoing.

We will see who has the last laugh.

In the meantime, to continue my goodwill toward the students of DS 106, I have established a Flickr account.  On it is yesterday’s daily shoot, ironic as it illustrates choice, like the choice you have on who to believe in regard to Dr. O’Blivion’s disappearance.

Anyone is welcome to view my photographic account of the interesting events that – I am sure – will continue to unfold.

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Finding O’Blivion (Visual / Design)

Good evening, DS 106 readers.

I am now starting to lose track of the number of days since my uncle, Dr. O’Blivion’s, disappearance.  Shortly after I posted my musings last night, the worst occurred.

In a message posted on DS 106 TV, Dr. O’Blivion pleas for help.  Whether the distortion of the images is the effect of his captors or is a byproduct of the insanity that runs in the O’Blivion family (a history of psychosis-inducing brain tumors keeps us in constant need of treatment) is unknown.  Few new details on the disappearance of O’Blivion have surfaced.

We do know, however, as I suspected, that Barnaby O’Blivion is not my uncle, and that “Fixer,” AKA Jesse Ward, is dead, and the dead fix nothing but being alive.

I, personally, believe that Mr. Groom is responsible for the missing Dr. O’Blivion.  Take my opinion as is, nothing more.  I have been watching Mr. Groom for some time.  It may come as little surprise to the DS 106 community that Mr. Groom desires Internet power.  I am familiar with his polarizing effects on many Internet communities, and entering a “partnership” with O’Blivion seems like a convenient way to tip the scales in Groom’s favor.  Locked away, unmedicated, and spewing insanities, O’Blivion’s status as the God of media will deteriorate, leaving Groom to his own devices.

Finding O’Blivion will not be easy.  As we’ve said, O’Blivion is everywhere.  Even in his absence, we must come to appreciate my uncle’s wisdom, his penchant for asking questions, his ability to challenge the obvious, and his enduring quest for originality.  The laws of cyberspace are often as ambiguous as my uncle’s location.  My uncle knows, as you should, that gaining the “upper hand” in your Personal Cyberinfrastructure requires bending (or breaking) the rules of conformity, questioning reality, and knowing that it is up to you, the participant, to “think the unthinkable” without having the institution do it for you.

(All pictures taken for this blog are my own, and licensed under Creative Commons.  For no reason is this work to be used for commercial purposes.)

The following image is intentionally ambiguous.  Are the subjects in the image headed toward or away from O’Blivion?

Never settle for what you think you’re seeing.

Please keep me informed if you find any information on Dr. O’Blivion’s whereabouts.  I trust you know how to reach me.

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Without a Trace

Hello, DS 106 readers, and thank you for devoting your undivided attention to this matter.

My name is John O’Blivion.  I am the nephew of Dr. O’Blivion, who is still missing at the time of this writing.  I cannot disclose the first name of my uncle for reasons that are unfortunately beyond my control, nor can I disclose my current location.

Know this, however: the O’Blivion family is everywhere.  We are omniscient, eponymous.  Do not underestimate us.

My uncle went missing on the morning of June 23rd.  I was devastated when I first heard the news; my uncle has had…a troubled past.  As for the disappearance, I have only theories.  DS 106 was a way for Dr. O’Blivion to share his knowledge with the world, but my inner cynic tells me that the exposure may have been too much for him.  Too much, too soon.  Equally likely is he’s intentionally left Mr. Groom to his own devices as sort of a sick game.  My third theory is that Mr. Groom and his associate, Martha, are being used by my uncle as pawns in a plot they are not yet aware of.  They should be wary.

Earlier today, I was contacted on Twitter by a man known as “Fixer,” saying he had details of the disappearance of my uncle.  Our conversation was brief.  He contacted me first.

I sent him a direct message.  I was leery, but it might’ve been a legitimate lead.  As you’ll see, Fixer’s response confirmed my skepticism.

I’m still not clear on who Jesse Ward is, but as it turns out, a “Dr. O’Blivion” was found today.  Not my uncle.  I’d heard of Barnaby as “a” Dr. O’Blivion, but it was painfully obvious by the ease of the puzzle he left that Barnaby was not the true “Dr. O’Blivion,” my missing relative, who proves to be more of a mind game mastermind.

My next steps may be to try to contact my cousin, Bianca, but I fear that I cannot trust her.

I have work to do in the coming days.  I will follow the progress of the DS 106 participants and use their methods to help me track down my uncle.  I will also develop some of my own tracking techniques.  If you have any information for me, anything, please send me an email at john [at] whereisoblivion [dot] com, or send me a Tweet at joblivion.  I am growing more concerned about my uncle.  From his latest sighting, it is clear that he has stopped his…treatment.

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