Without a Trace

Hello, DS 106 readers, and thank you for devoting your undivided attention to this matter.

My name is John O’Blivion.  I am the nephew of Dr. O’Blivion, who is still missing at the time of this writing.  I cannot disclose the first name of my uncle for reasons that are unfortunately beyond my control, nor can I disclose my current location.

Know this, however: the O’Blivion family is everywhere.  We are omniscient, eponymous.  Do not underestimate us.

My uncle went missing on the morning of June 23rd.  I was devastated when I first heard the news; my uncle has had…a troubled past.  As for the disappearance, I have only theories.  DS 106 was a way for Dr. O’Blivion to share his knowledge with the world, but my inner cynic tells me that the exposure may have been too much for him.  Too much, too soon.  Equally likely is he’s intentionally left Mr. Groom to his own devices as sort of a sick game.  My third theory is that Mr. Groom and his associate, Martha, are being used by my uncle as pawns in a plot they are not yet aware of.  They should be wary.

Earlier today, I was contacted on Twitter by a man known as “Fixer,” saying he had details of the disappearance of my uncle.  Our conversation was brief.  He contacted me first.

I sent him a direct message.  I was leery, but it might’ve been a legitimate lead.  As you’ll see, Fixer’s response confirmed my skepticism.

I’m still not clear on who Jesse Ward is, but as it turns out, a “Dr. O’Blivion” was found today.  Not my uncle.  I’d heard of Barnaby as “a” Dr. O’Blivion, but it was painfully obvious by the ease of the puzzle he left that Barnaby was not the true “Dr. O’Blivion,” my missing relative, who proves to be more of a mind game mastermind.

My next steps may be to try to contact my cousin, Bianca, but I fear that I cannot trust her.

I have work to do in the coming days.  I will follow the progress of the DS 106 participants and use their methods to help me track down my uncle.  I will also develop some of my own tracking techniques.  If you have any information for me, anything, please send me an email at john [at] whereisoblivion [dot] com, or send me a Tweet at joblivion.  I am growing more concerned about my uncle.  From his latest sighting, it is clear that he has stopped his…treatment.

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