Finding O’Blivion (Visual / Design)

Good evening, DS 106 readers.

I am now starting to lose track of the number of days since my uncle, Dr. O’Blivion’s, disappearance.  Shortly after I posted my musings last night, the worst occurred.

In a message posted on DS 106 TV, Dr. O’Blivion pleas for help.  Whether the distortion of the images is the effect of his captors or is a byproduct of the insanity that runs in the O’Blivion family (a history of psychosis-inducing brain tumors keeps us in constant need of treatment) is unknown.  Few new details on the disappearance of O’Blivion have surfaced.

We do know, however, as I suspected, that Barnaby O’Blivion is not my uncle, and that “Fixer,” AKA Jesse Ward, is dead, and the dead fix nothing but being alive.

I, personally, believe that Mr. Groom is responsible for the missing Dr. O’Blivion.  Take my opinion as is, nothing more.  I have been watching Mr. Groom for some time.  It may come as little surprise to the DS 106 community that Mr. Groom desires Internet power.  I am familiar with his polarizing effects on many Internet communities, and entering a “partnership” with O’Blivion seems like a convenient way to tip the scales in Groom’s favor.  Locked away, unmedicated, and spewing insanities, O’Blivion’s status as the God of media will deteriorate, leaving Groom to his own devices.

Finding O’Blivion will not be easy.  As we’ve said, O’Blivion is everywhere.  Even in his absence, we must come to appreciate my uncle’s wisdom, his penchant for asking questions, his ability to challenge the obvious, and his enduring quest for originality.  The laws of cyberspace are often as ambiguous as my uncle’s location.  My uncle knows, as you should, that gaining the “upper hand” in your Personal Cyberinfrastructure requires bending (or breaking) the rules of conformity, questioning reality, and knowing that it is up to you, the participant, to “think the unthinkable” without having the institution do it for you.

(All pictures taken for this blog are my own, and licensed under Creative Commons.  For no reason is this work to be used for commercial purposes.)

The following image is intentionally ambiguous.  Are the subjects in the image headed toward or away from O’Blivion?

Never settle for what you think you’re seeing.

Please keep me informed if you find any information on Dr. O’Blivion’s whereabouts.  I trust you know how to reach me.


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  1. #1 by Jim Groom on June 30, 2011 - 6:24 am

    I think you have O’Blivion, and both these images suggest that. You are hiding your identity and lead us through a set of mechanical, ever turning stairs, or throwing me on the tracks to get us off your scent. But things have come to light that don’t make you look so innocent, and I will being them to bear when we talk during class next week.

    • #2 by John O'Blivion on June 30, 2011 - 10:00 am

      We’ll see about that. I will send you a response about my availability next week.

  2. #3 by Lou McGill on July 2, 2011 - 3:18 pm

    well I feel for poor john – just to let you know that we are preserving your uncle’s memory

    just don’t know who to trust anymore – trust your instincts

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